Over the years the firm has acquired new skills. Today its lawyers include Giuseppe Calabi, Cristina Riboni, Valeria Goglio and Margherita Mazzola who are supported by a team of motivated young associates.

Today the firm has become a leader in the fields of art law and new technologies, with a special focus on e-commerce.

It offers highly qualified services to business clients, assisting prominent Italian and foreign companies in their corporate and commercial affairs. Some of our lawyers also worked as in-house consultants for renowned industrial groups in Italy and abroad. The firm also boasts significant expertise in banking and financial services law, as well as in bankruptcy and business reorganization of financially distressed companies.

We are Italian attorneys, who, in addition to having in-depth knowledge of domestic and EU legislation, are strongly focused on global experiences. Our aim is to provide quick and effective consulting services to both foreign clients – who constitute a relevant part of our clientele – and Italian companies in their national and cross-border business.

We have a thorough understanding of the rules and the industry areas where they apply. Thanks to this combined knowledge, which is essential to the most rapidly-evolving markets (such as those related to new technologies), we can transform mere compliance to rules into real opportunities for business.