CBM & Partners offers legal advice to a wide range of clients who have an interest in the world of art.

These include artists, auction companies, galleries and art dealers, banks and foundations, insurance companies providing specific coverage for art, collectors who own significant collections of artworks, as well as companies offering integrated services for the art industry (custody, preservation, shipping and restoration of works of art). We provide a global service for a worldwide market, offering practical solutions to the problems that might arise when buying, selling, exporting or importing works of art or managing significant art collections.

In particular, we assist in the following:

  • Authenticity and attribution of works of art
  • Ownership
  • Localization and restitution of art
  • Copyright and droit de suite
  • Gifts and other property transfers concerning works of art and collections
  • Foundations and trusts
  • Purchase and sale of works of art and the relevant due diligence
  • Artists estates
  • Art loans
  • Loans and guarantees on works of art
  • Contracts between artists and galleries
  • Art advisory contracts
  • Management of works of art that have been declared of cultural interest under the Cultural Heritage Code
  • Exportation and importation of works of art
  • Recovery of stolen works of art
  • Tax and investment management concerning works of art
  • Tax planning
  • Anti-money laundering, fraud, counterfeits.

CBM & Partners was involved in the promotion, development and self-regulation project undertaken by Art Advisory and Art Banking in Italy in cooperation with Associazione Italiana Private Banking. The firm also provides consulting services to Associazione Italiana Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and Associazione Nazionale Case d’Asta.

Our lawyers lecture at the Art and Heritage Economics and Management post-graduate course organized by the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore.

The firm is in continuous dialogue with the Italian authorities in charge of heritage protection.
We are promoters of Apollo, a project aimed at reforming Italian heritage law.