CBM & Partners offers legal advice to Italian and foreign companies intending to operate in the field of e-commerce; companies active in the field of e-health, including the online sale of pharmaceuticals, AI, IoT and, in general, new technologies; companies that develop or commission Apps, and companies that produce goods that incorporate or are interconnected with digital services and/or content.

Our Firm has more than 20 years of experience working with the main market players in the areas of consumer rights, data protection, copyright and intellectual property, payment services, competition, unfair commercial practices and advertising. We combine attention to the commercial needs of our clients with full compliance with applicable regulations, allowing our clients to reach first-class positions in the market.

We assist our clients in the following activities:

  • Drafting of general conditions of contract and other legal documents required by law (e.g.: General Sale Conditions, General Conditions of Use of Apps, T&C of services, Standard Instructions on Withdrawal and Return Forms, etc.);
  • Ensuring the security of websites and Apps (e.g. defining the information provided through the website/App in accordance with applicable regulations);
  • Creation of marketplaces and draft of front-end and back-end agreements;
  • Drafting agreements for or with e-commerce service providers;
  • Drafting of contractual agreements with commercial partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and companies that manage the means and/or platforms of payment and, in general, with all companies offering front-end and back-end services for websites and apps;
  • Localization of existing foreign e-commerce sites;
  • Management of any customer complaints and/or any proceedings before the competent authorities;
  • Drafting of selective distribution agreements and/or agreements relating to the use of trademarks;
  • Promotional and advertising campaigns;
  • Acquisition and transfer of personal data; leads generation; CRM;
  • E-couponing;
  • Advice on promotional and loyalty initiatives and drafting of the relevant regulations;
  • Relations with relevant authorities, including the AGCM, the Italian Data Protection Authority, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economic Development, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Whom we serve

  • Italian and international start-ups;
  • Companies operating in online sales of products and/or services (e.g. e-commerce, m-commerce, etc…);
  • Brands willing to undergo digitalization;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Companies offering integrated services for e-commerce;
  • Pharmacies or para pharmacies selling SOP online;
  • Companies operating in the e-health sector;
  • Developers of Apps and/or companies that commission their development;
  • Developers and/or providers of Artificial Intelligence technologies and services or companies intending to use such services and technologies;
  • IoT Providers;
  • Producers of goods with elements that incorporate or are interconnected with digital services and/or content;
  • Comparators;
  • Search engines.