Our Firm offers consultancy to Italian and European insurance companies and intermediaries operating in Italy and carrying out activities of promotion and insurance placement contracts both as Distributors and through techniques of long-distance communication.

Our practice focuses on the relations between the operators of the insurance market and consumers, the operators of the insurance market themselves, as well as the relations that the companies and insurance intermediaries have with the Supervisory Authority, namely:

  • Legal advice on private insurance;
  • Drafting of pre-contractual and contractual documentation relating to the offer of insurance products, with particular attention to the Distributors’ duty of disclosure towards the insured;
  • Drafting of documentation and definition of procedures relating to obligations connected with Product Oversight Governance;
  • Drafting of agency mandates;
  • Drafting of horizontal cooperation agreements between intermediaries;
  • Drafting of reporting agreements;
  • Drafting of electronic comparison agreements;
  • Drafting of instant insurance agreements;
  • Drafting and revision of mandatory contents of distribution portals;
  • Drafting of partnership agreements between Distributors and persons outside the insurance sector;
  • Drafting of co-insurance and re-insurance agreements;
  • Drafting of outsourcing agreements for the activities of insurance companies;
  • Assistance in participating in market surveys promoted by the Supervisory Authority and support during inspection procedures.

Our Firm has participated in public consultations on the main Regulations issued by the Supervisory Authority since 2006.

Whom we serve

  • Italian insurance and re-insurance companies
  • Foreign insurance and re-insurance companies operating in Italy through a permanent establishment or under freedom of services
  • Insurance and re-insurance intermediaries registered with the Single Register of Intermediaries (in particular, those registered in sections A, B, D and E)
  • EU-based intermediaries operating under the establishment and freedom of services regimes, who are registered with the list annexed to the Single Register of Intermediaries