Copyright Law

Our firm has always placed a strong focus on copyright and intellectual property law.

Our clients are prominent Italian and international publishing groups, international media companies and prominent players in the music world.

We also represent leading Italian and foreign literary agencies.

We devote special attention to the new frontiers of copyright, in particular the protection of digital content, online distribution channels and e-books, also given our extensive knowledge in the area of e-commerce law.

CBM & Partners regularly participates in public consultations on copyright, at national and EU levels.

We have developed specific skills in the enforcement of online infringements.

Thanks to our expertise in art law, we deal with copyright protection in the area of figurative arts: we assist artists and their heirs, as well as the most renowned archives, including associations and foundations operating in the areas of figurative and graphic arts, in Italy and abroad.

We advise our clients on the protection and/or use of their copyright and IP and assist them in negotiating license or distribution agreements with their business partners.

Our practice in this area includes the following:

  • Protection of the author’s economic and moral rights;
  • Drafting of publishing and licence agreements;
  • Drafting of agreements concerning the protection of works of figurative arts, literature and photography;
  • Drafting of collaboration agreements between authors/artists and their business partners;
  • Name and reputation protection;
  • Droit de suite;
  • Liaising with regulamentary authorities in the industry, including SIAE (Italian Collecting Society) and AGCOM (Communications Authority).

We also represent and assist our clients in the resolution of copyright disputes, both in court and out of court.

Whom we serve

  • Italian and foreign publishing companies;
  • Italian and foreign authors and artists and their heirs;
  • Content providers;
  • Literary agencies;
  • Music, cinema and TV production and distribution companies;
  • Archives, associations and foundations;
  • Auction companies and art galleries

Trademark Law

We have in-depth experience in protecting renowned and reputable brands, in particular in the resolution of disputes concerning trademark infringement.

In addition to trademark protection, we also advise our clients in the area of unfair competition and anti-trust laws.

Our practice includes the following:

  • Drafting of user’s licence agreements and agreements between licensor and licensee;
  • Negotiation of agreements and strategies concerning the use of trademarks and trade names;
  • Management of trademark infringement claims;
  • Management and resolution of disputes concerning the illegitimate use and/or exploitation of trademarks by third parties.

Whom we serve

  • Italian and foreign companies, with a special focus on companies operating in the fashion, luxury, publishing and design industries.


CBM & Partners offers thorough and highly specialized legal advice on patents.

Thanks to its close collaboration with a network of specialized lawyers from EU and non-EU countries, as well as with the competent Italian and foreign authorities, our firm can offer legal assistance in connection with the registration of patents and the filing of the relevant application, including issues relating to the exploitation and the protection of patents.

CBM & Partners represents the authors of inventions and/or models or their assignees in any disputes related to their IP rights and helps them to identify the most effective defence strategies for the protection of their patents.

Whom we serve

  • Italian and foreign companies;
  • Authors of inventions/models.

Industrial Design

CBM & Partners has extensive expertise in the areas of fashion design and furnishing accessories. We have also a deep knowledge of the industrial design legal framework. Industrial design is a fast-growing industry and is increasingly characterized by unlawful exploitation of the knowledge and creativity of designers.

Thanks to their interdisciplinary skills, our team of lawyers offers highly qualified advice on the protection of models, drawings and all original works, assisting our clients both in the course of litigation and out-of-court disputes.

Our clients regularly receive alerts on the technical and legal aspects relating to the Italian, EU and international legislation. We provide legal opinions and advice on complex matters regarding the protection of designers’ works and compliance with the applicable regulations.

Whom we serve

  • Italian and foreign designers and their heirs and assignees
  • Archives, associations and foundations